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Why don't the NHS explore other treatment plans, other than Chem, etc, which are so destructive and actually kills so many patients.

Other treatments include Baking Soda to raise the body's PH, ( Oncologist Dr. T....

left testicle swolen

have a swolen left testicle now for a few months, sometimes feels heavy and dull...

What treatments are available for camcer onser neueopathy?

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My father-in-law is in pain following two courses of chemotherapy, should he contact the docs before attending his results in a months time?

My father-in-law has bowel cancer which has spread to his liver. He's had two co...

Bleeding after sex

for the last 3 times i started to bleed after sex not a lot just a little......i...

hmm waiting for results is awful :(

So went to the doctors as i was concerned about bleeding after/during sex also p...

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