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heavy vaginal bleeding and blood clots is there another way to tell if i have cervical cancer than a smear.

hi i have really heavy vaginal bleeding and losing large blood clots some the si...

Lump on my ballsack = cancer?

Ok so a few months ago I was shaving my balls and I cut the skin and I started b...

Post surgical issues.

I had an excisional biopsy in March, for a fibroadenoma. This was nine weeks ag...
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Thought provoking Questions & Answers to cancer & WHY ME

Why do people get cancer in the first place? Why do people lose their fight aga...

Have you been affected by Lower rectal cancer ?

If you have been affected by lower rectal cancer I believe this site would be a ...

Is there any way of obtaining Psychosexual Therapy & relationship councelling on the NHS after an APER that has left you impotent.?

An APER is the excission of rectum leaving you with a colostomy due lower rectal...

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