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New Tenovus Cancer Callback Service

Today we have launched a world's first service for newly diagnosed cancer patien...

Art workshops for people affected by cancer starting soon

If you have cancer or are worried about a friend or relative, come along to our ...

Fresh Start Wales - is it enough?

This week saw the launch of the Welsh Governments public health campaign to rais...
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Welsh Government's draft cancer plan - your views

We’re interested to hear what you think of the Welsh Government's draft cancer p...

Do Dogs Cause Cancer?- Risk, Perception and the Media

Whilst out for dinner with my parents recently, my mother leaned over the table ...

Personal Independence Payment - A View

Yesterday members of our Cancer Support Team including myself attended a meeting...

A "C" of Information: Cancer and the Internet

\"Information has never killed anyone with cancer\". This statement was made by ...

Tenovus PhD student breast cancer breakthrough

We are delighted that one of our PhD Students, Luke Piggott from Cardiff Univers...
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