My father-in-law is in pain following two courses of chemotherapy, should he contact the docs before attending his results in a months time?

My father-in-law has bowel cancer which has spread to his liver. He's had two courses of chemotherapy and a stent fitted to his bowel. He's had his second scan now and is awaiting results but he won't get these for another month. In the meantime he's suffering with bad pains in his stomach. He won't phone the docs to tell them though as he says he's going there for results and he'll tell them then, but this will be another month of suffering. I think he should be contacting them right away in case there's a problem with the stent or something. Seems silly he's suffering if there's something they can do. Do you think he should wait until the scan results to say something or should he be contacting them right away?

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  • Your father should immediately call the doctor. His implied assumption that the pain is just a side-effect he has to put up with may be totally wrong - the pain may be an indication of a serious development that only a doctor can interpret and may therefore require immediate treatment.

  • I agree wholeheartedly with Arathrustra, the hospital should be informed immediately, if not by him, by someone else. It may be a new development but even if it's not, there are things they can give him for pain, I have cancer and am undergoing treatment at present and have been told to inform the hospital IMMEDIATELY of any new symptoms. These days there are so many things they can do for pain, no one needs to suffer like that.

  • Agree with all other answers so far, but I have never had chemo or stents but I would say get him to the Drs and demand to be seen sooner rather than later. Get someone to go with him so that he doesnt play anything down and what ever the Dr says it can be acted upon immediately or he underatkes any advice given. If you are still not happy get a second opinion or take him to A&E. Dont mess about, there are reasons for pain & things that can be done for pain so no need to suffer or try and be a hero.

    regards Ian.

  • Thanks all for your replies. Apologies for the delay in responding. Well the result of all this was his pain got worse and worse and he started losing weight and looking jaundiced. He's since gone in to hospital in severe pain. The mets in his liver have grown to cover the bile duct so all the bile or bilirubin has been building up in his liver. They have put in a needle andtube to drain his liver and will then insert a stent in the bile duct to keep it open so the liver doesn't fill again. Must have to build his strength up to get another course of chemo to attack these liver mets. Vicious circle really.he's in an awful lot of pain though still having had the first drain. Is this normal? No-one around to ask though frustratingly. Doesn't help he's in a ward right next to the window with no ventilation. Boiling hot and the nurses are very slow with bringing water round. Know they're busy but we know he's suffering badly at the moment. We're feeling a little stranded and helpless to be honest.Anyone come across this before?

  • My Granddad is in a very similar situation. He's constantly losing weight and has turned down another round of chemo because he is just so exhausted. The nurses in his ward are never around and recently he fell out of bed trying to go to the bathroom because nobody came when he rang the bell. We've had no update on his condition and what is next in terms of treatment. Feeling very annoyed, upset and dissapointed. Feel like complaining but I'm worried that this may affect his treatment!

  • I think you have every right to raise a concern, first point of call should be the Nurse responsible for your grandfathers care.

    If you fail to get a positive response from the nurse, ask to speak to the consultant, asking is well within your rights.