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hmm waiting for results is awful :(

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So went to the doctors as i was concerned about bleeding after/during sex also pain. She did a swab for me and also offered to do a smear test at the same time so I agreed. Anyway a week after the swab doctors phoned me and told me I had external thursh that could be treated with canesten cream had thursh in the past could not understand why I was not sore or itchy like the last time, but treated myself for thursh and thought nothing more off it. 2 weeks later got results of my smear test, The letter stated borderline cells and also HPV and that I was to have a coloscopy done. Had no idea what HPV was so googled and researched it. Which did help although worried me. Had my coloscopy a week ago which was not as bad as i thought it would be a little embrassing as all is on show. whilst the nurse was examing me she said she needs to get the doctor in has she found two polyps doctor removed these, the nurse told the doctor borderline positive ??? did not ask what she meant as did not want to know at that time. they did a biopsy so now polyps and cells gone to the lab to be examined and I have to wait for 3 weeks for results needless to say I am scared out of my mind. when i got home googled polyps and found out that there is only a 1% chance these could be cancer PHEW ! and they could off been the cause off my bleeding and pain during sex so I am hopeful :). But what I am still worried about is the HPV as I can not see how they can be connected to the polyps, so I still have HPV :( . ever since the coloscopy I have had really tender breasts that feel heavy, serve back pains, and headaches and my legs are also quite painful so i suppose it is just a waiting game for me now. It would be great to talk with others that are going thourgh this also xx

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HPV usually clears up of its own accord, its only really treated if you have visible signs such as genital warts which they would have mentioned when you had the colposcopy. I'm guessing that when the nurse mentioned to the doctor borderline positive she was referring to the initial smear test you had and you are right most polyps are benign. I had one 3 years back, had it removed and that was the end of it. Its hard not to worry but you have been quick to get things checked which is always a good thing

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Thank you Bridget, just to hear from someone else is really good and I am trying to keep busy till results. yes I heard hpv can clear up so i hope that will be the case for me :) they did not mention the warts and i am glad to hear you had yours removed and that was the end off it i hope all is well with you now x

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I'd also be concerned at how I'd contracted HPV, which is a std (sexually transmitted disease). Bathe the affected area in a solution of bicarbonate of soda which will kill off any fungal infections and raise the PH level.