left testicle swolen

have a swolen left testicle now for a few months, sometimes feels heavy and dull pain. also had lower left back ache for about the same time.

i thought it might be just vascular problems ad my testicle is a bit lumpy at the bottom.

doctor confirmed that its swolen and might be infected and prescribed me with

doxycycline. 1 a day and told me to go back if no changes.

also told me to take ibuprofen for the back which is having no affect at all.

the back ache is also a dull pain which i get every day but does not hinder me in any way, just uncomfortable.

also sometime im a bit tired than usal as im normally fit with visits to the gym.

i also get a nasty cough where i might feel sick or heave.

any ideas anyone??


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hi adamuk I would go back to docs soon to put your mind at rest. if you have taken the antibiotics for a while and its no better you could need dfferent antibiotics or a scan or more tests. write down how your feeling everyday so you can tell the docs the symptoms you have and compare them over different days and they can tell you if they are related. Let us know how you get on!


Hi, the symproms you describe, should be checked out asap as they are the same as testicular cancer ones. It's probably something else, but better to get it checked out, the sooner the better.


Thanks for the replys guys,

The antibiotics Finnish tomorrow, and nothing has changed with the swelling/lumps.

My back pain comes and goes and is a little better with taking 2 ibuprofen. Don't really want to pop theses forever tho.

Gonna go back to docs on in the week if no changes.

My left testicle feels really heavy when walking and sometimes driving, weird?

I'll keep you posted....



Hi adamuk,

I had exactly these symptoms - including the discomfort when driving. Doc sent me for an ultrasound scan (not the nicest of experiences, but worth it). Turned out to be a varicocoele which is a kind of varicose vein in/near your balls. It's not harmful per se, just uncomfortable and there's some evidence it can affect fertility. If you Google them, the general opinion seems to be that they are more common on the left side (but can appear on both). Your doctor is the best person to advise though, just make sure you get them to take it seriously. As the others say, the symptoms are quite similar.


hey thanks for the replys everyone

i was booked in for a scan and then out of nowhere the hospital cancelled it due to out of controll reasons and a new booking would be made by them.

guess what, still waiting its been a month or so now.

but funny as it sounds the pain has subsided alot now.

i was getting it most days, now its off and on when ever it feels like it.

gonna keep the hospital appointment tho for peace of mind...


If it is a varicocoele - and I hope it is something benign like that - then the pain/discomfort does come and go. Apparently you can have surgery if it really bothers, but I'm just living with mine. Causes the occaisional twinge now, but nothing like the problems it caused me for the first 6-12 months. Good luck with the booking system!


The thing to do is see a urologist. If there is swelling in conjunction with the pain there is a good chance you may have what is called a hydrocele, which is a gathering of wated around the testicle. Also, another possibility with similar symptoms is a spermatocele; which is a gathering of seminal fluid around the testicle. I am not a doctor nor a professional so I do strongly recommend that you seek professional medical help. Simply open the yellow pages and find a urologist. Hope that helps!