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Would you like to receive regular telephone calls from Tenovus support staff as you receive your cancer treatment?

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It depends on the individual if you need telephone support pending what other support you are currently getting. However I wish I had someone there at regular steps as I felt totally abandoned when I was diagnosed, I did not know what questions to ask and to whom so someone prompting me could of been very valuable. just over 2 years on I have got down to suicide levels due to the lack of proactive advice and communication from the NHS. Then they just want to give you CBT & anti depressants rather than addressing the issues that exist!

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Hi imadie, thank you for your response, we find it really useful to hear others opinions! If you would like to talk to us about this, please call our Freephone cancer support line 0808 808 1010.


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When I was first diagnosed with prostate cancer (T4), in November 2012, I was at a complete loss as to what it all meant. The consultant took great pains to explain all the " where fors", but to a degree all I heard was the word CANCER.

Since then I have read reams on prostate cancer, & luckily for me, I get a great deal of support. My main problem is that I live on my own, and do not sleep very well, therefore I have to much time to dwell on my condition.

I also am a type 2 diabetic, & have CPOD, non of which helps.

Today I start radiotherapy, on my spine, not looking forward to that one little bit, as the Guildford hospital is an hours drive from my home, and have five consecutive treatments scheduled for this week, also have read up on the side effects, which hopefully I will not suffer all of them.

In the period since diagnosis, I have met a lot of very caring, understanding doctors and nurses which has made the whole process more bearable. I would highly recommend the cancer unit at the North Hampshire hospital in Basingstoke, who go that extra mile to aid cancer patients.

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I take my hat off to you. You must be well over your radiotherapy. I too am alone and am going thru the same initial disbelief. Waking up in the morning thinking what a nasty dream. All my tests are complete. I've started chemo. and felt more optimistic only to read from copy ltrs got from my GP that I am a T3. It doesn't help when you don't know what questions to ask. I'd prefer the bad news first. Mine is colorectal and I have a tremor/shake which doesn't help. Fresh air I believe helps me sleep. These websites are good but I have trouble using the comp with the shake.

A neighbour went thru prostrate, looked a bit grey and has lost a lot of weight. But now 3 yrs on is still around and kicking strong. He recommends beans.

I hope you're still hanging in there and wish you the best