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Shadow in Chest X Ray

Shadow in Chest X Ray

I had severe pain in lower left side of chest last year which later proved to be pleural effusion and TB. My X Ray showed blunting and heavy hazziness n opacity at left side.

After 7 months the Xray is less hazy and blunted and my left cp angle is visible bit there is a circular shadow below left lung in X Ray at the site of pleural effusion.

X ray is also attached for your valuable comments.

Is it a sign of something else than TB??

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Hello, Sorry you have waited so long for a response - I didn't spot this for some reason. Hopefully you have had an answer by now from your doctor - which is where I would have had to direct you anyway. We do not provide medical advice on this forum, only general advice and support, as it is not staffed by qualified doctors. I hope that your TB treatment is going as well as possible and that you are beginning to feel better.

Best wishes,



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