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Is it tuberculosis or something else?


I am writing this on behalf of my father. He is a diabetic and has suffered from two cardiac arrests.

His adenosine deaminase is highly elevated with mantoux and tst tests negative. His chest x-ray is completely clear and has twice negative sputum tests.

Also, his sgot and sgpt levels are highly elevated with clear hepatomegaly in ultrasound scan.

He is constantly under fluctuating fever which is controlled by paracetamol. His broad range anti bacterial medicines might not be helping.

The doctor we are consulting is still waiting for tb to appear and has prescribed medicines for the same. We are confused as what to do.. Please help.

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I recently read that people with diabetes should be tested for the Thyroid. I would suggest the complete profile and not just the TSH. So also have tested the FT4 - FT3 - Anti-TPO - Anti-Tg. Auto-immune Thyroid issues are at epidemic levels and due to the poor testing thyroid problems are so often missed.

There are over 300 conditions related to low thyroid - but Docs seem happy when people are even at the bottom of the range. The thyroid controls body temperature too :-)

Private Testing is available through Thyroid UK website.

Do hope you soon find answers to help your Dad enjoy better health. I had ileo-caecal TB some 42 years ago and it took years to find wellness. The Thyroid was a victim en route ! Now at 69 I am feeling good !


Thanks Marz,

I will note your helpful reply and consult with my doctor about the same.

Thanks for supporting me through this hard time.

Really means a lot!

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Really not sure your Doc will be supportive re the thyroid. Judging by the responses of some 30,000 people on the Thyroid UK forum here on HU. Best to arm yourself with good information and request firmly your needs. Happy to help :-)


Dear Spartan_300,

I have forwarded your query to one of our clinicians, who I hope will get back to us shortly.

Did the consultant order a culture test?

In a culture test a sample of bodily fluid or tissue is taken from the area of the body where the doctor suspects TB may be. Any bacteria present in the sputum or biopsy sample can then be grown under laboratory conditions, though it can take a few weeks.

If a doctor is certain of a TB diagnosis they may start treatment before the results of the culture come through, as the quicker treatment starts the less damage TB can do.

I will let you know what our clinician says as soon as possible.

Best wishes,


TB Alert


Hi Helen,

I have posted a reply to my original post updating the follow up.

Thanks for your support. It means a lot to me!

I will keep you updated on the progress of my father's health :)



I am not sure what happened but the sputum test came out negative yet again.

My father's fever or any sort of symptoms have disappeared mysteriously. As if it was an elongated viral cycle.

Also, test reports when asked from a different lab showed all tests for tb negative.

I will consult the doctor for thyroid test, but at this stage I am confused about treating the ailment as potential tb


Thanks for the update. Can you let me know what medication your Dad is taking? That might help us to work out what your consultant is thinking.


Clear X Ray and Negative lab tests and Sputum Tests indicate there is no TB.

Hope ur father is ok


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