New patient with prostate problem

First time blood test revealed PSA of 5.84.

I am 74 yrs. Very active and normally free of health problems. Recently I have noticed that I pee more frequently and I am told I should see a urologist as soon as possible.

I live in Thailand and wonder if there are any others in this community who could advise me on best next step to take.


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  • Is there some reason why you wouldn't/can't see a urologist? Because that's what I would do if I could....

  • Jim, I went to a Urologist and his suggestion was simply to have another Blood test in a month's time and then see if PSA shows any significant change. Seems very certain that I do not need to be concerned about a cancer threat.!

  • This might help you to see an urologist.

    In March of this year, (my age 75) My family Doctor sent me for a PSA reading and it was 5.88. I went to an Urologist and he informed me the only way I could determine if I had PSa was through a biopsy. My biopsy results proved I had PSa. with a Gleason score of 7. I had another PSA test done just recently and now my PSA is 6.87.

    It is possible you just might have an enlarged prostate. (BPH), but I would advise you to see an Urologist. Most men our age in our 70's have been found to have PSa.

    Hope this helps, My advice ...get thee to an urologist!


  • Thank you Roger for taking the time to send me your advice.

    Tomorrow I plan to see a Urologist

  • Please see my reply I just sent to Jim...and thanks for your kind advice. Christopher.

  • Sean, at 74 years old it is very common to have an enlarged prostate. This alone can make your PSA rise & also explain the frequency of urination. If you want the latest tests to check for cancer, getting a 3T-MRI with & without contrast (mp) can find cancer lesions as small as 2mm. Don't let your urologist talk you into surgery right away. If they see cancer he'll ask to biopsy. The latest & greatest biopsies are done within a running MRI so you don't get unnecessary needles poked through healthy tissue. Dr. Joseph Busch in Tennessee is the best in the country in finding cancer. He takes the MRI then does ADC mapping of the results checking for water flow. Anything under an 800 reading will peak his interest. My cancer was read at 400. Healthy tissue will read between 1000-2000. Remember PSA tests are NOT an accurate way to find cancer. Only a biopsy can do that. Also remember if you happen to come back with cancer, find out what your Gleason score is. A 6+6 would be best case scenario. Most men are opting to stay on "active surveillance ", basically keeps my an eye on it every 6 months or so. They say if you live long enough, every man will eventually get prostate cancer but we now know it's been way over treated for low grade cancer that wouldn't be a cause of death. I'm not sure if they have this technology in Thailand, but I wouldn't be surprised if they do. With all the red tape in the U.S. medical field, it's difficult that find the best care.

    Take a breath, see a urologist & go from there. Ask him if he is aware of the 3-T mpMRI. If they decide to biopsy, have the slides checked again by someone else for a second opinion without forwarding prior results. If you need help from there, let me know. Sounds like you just have typical enlarged prostate. Very normal & can be treated with medication.

    Good luck to you sir,

    Ray (two time prostate cancer fighter)!

  • Thank you so much for taking the time to write your advice and experience to me.

    Most grateful....and I hope to visit a Urologist tomorrow.

  • I would see a urologist have your doctor that gave you the PSA test refer you to a urologist and they can take it from there. Best of luck.


  • glad you saw the urologist, and his suggestion to have another blood test in a month makes sense and shows some vigilance on his part--sometimes an elevated PSA reading can be influenced by a variety of things (see for some examples).

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