your all a inspiration , im currently having the psa test age 35

after being told i wouln't get a psa test due to my age i was advised to go see the gp, after exam and chat he sending me for the psa next week, having no idea about what prostate cancer is i came across this site and have read many of your storys, thank you, i don't feel as tense as i did but obvs still nervous, but thank you and wish you all the best, fingers crossed for next week 

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You will be fine. Try thinking on the positive side. Treatment for this disease has leapt forward my dad died from it 30 years ago and I had the operation in 2014. Make sure you ask questions on procedure after effects etc so you are fully informed of what you may have to go through. I wish you well and hope all turns out well for you.

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thanks, im staying as positive as i can, just sometimes gets hard, but i must admit reading some of the storys here has helped me, suppose my age is a good thing in some regards, just hoping if is its a early 1 , thanks


stewhit Good luck. Please keep us posted. Knowledge is power.


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