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Sweet's syndrome and the lungs


On rare occasions, Sweet's syndrome (SS) can directly affect the lungs, potentially causing a number of different symptoms. It has recently been reported that when this does happen, symptoms are often mistaken for BACTERIAL PNEUMONIA. This can lead to a patient being prescribed and unsuccessfully treated with antibiotics instead of steroid medication, e.g. prednisolone or prednisone, the main form of treatment for SS.

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I was diagnosed with s s in 2013,I resently went to the doctors and diagnosed with laringitas he said my chest was clear even though I was expectorating,I still continue to be hoarse my throat seems swollen and I still feel unwell. Do you think it could be sweets

Shell567Administrator in reply to farmyardannie

Hi farmyardannie,

I'm afraid it's impossible to say. Sweet's syndrome can cause flu-like symptoms, and a feeling of being generally unwell. If your symptoms are being caused by SS, you will probably also have a fever and skin lesions. However, your symptoms could be indicative of laryngitis or an infection.

Hope you feel better soon,


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