Does anyone have problems with pathergy?

Pathergy is when lesions can develop in an area where the skin is damaged or irritated. It affects some Sweet's syndrome patients but not all, and I appear to be one of them.

In my case, SS lesions can sometimes appear when I pluck my eyebrows; wax my legs (I have to carefully shave instead); when my skin is scratched; on my scalp if I brush my hair too roughly; in areas where my skin is irritated by health & beauty, cleaning products e.t.c.

I would be really interested to know if anyone else has problems with this.

Thanks. ;-)

Pathergy and skin sensitivity in Sweet’s syndrome: helpforsweetssyndromeuk.wor...

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  • Yes, I do have problems with lesions forming when my skin is damaged by cuts or scrapes. My wife was the one that pointed this out to me. She would notice a cut or scrape and the next thing i knew I was treating a SS lesion there. Since I get so many nicks and cuts on my legs I usually do not notice them, but she does.

  • Thanks Revin4god!

    It's something that drives me nuts sometimes, but at least we know why it's happening.

  • I also have had a cat or one of my dogs scratch me and boom leasion will be in the same spot in a couple of days. Also my razor can cause it when I shave I have had a really bad break out from shaving loads of times.

  • Thanks Tamiwild20,

    Sometimes, it's good to know that I'm not going mad, and that other people have also experienced the same thing. ;-)

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