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anyone in a similar situation to me

hi all. I'm new here.

Just recently taken early retirement.

I would consider myself fairly healthy and fairly active. I run 2 or 3 times week and do jobs around the house and garden.

However I do need to work on my flexibility and core strength, particularly in my lower back and tummy/abdomen areas.

Any suggestions or recommendations welcome.


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Hi gordloch, welcome to the forum. Took early retirement myself 5 years ago when I was 55. Enjoy a bit of cyclingand walking. Type 2 diabetic so exercise is one of my must do's, don't use the app as I use a Samsung fit2 pro to do all recording


Hi there. Here is the link to the NHS choices website they have some great videos to help get you started



The NHS podcasts on strength and flexibility are good - I started then gave up -- really must get back to them again. Flexibility easily lost once you get to a "certain age"


Hello! All the things you say you need are covered by Pilates. I've been going to once weekly class for about 15 years, since my 50s and have great flexibility and good core strength. So much so that I no longer have trouble with my lower back muscles! Might be worth looking into?


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