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Advice excercise with Joint problems

On connecting to the One you there is nowhere I can find to temper the excrcises to what I am able to do.  I have damaged feet and anlke knee joints hips due to the onset of inflammatory arthritis as well as Osteo. I walk with a stick and no way can I do couch to 5k. I am already a member of slimming world and eating healthily. It would be better if for less able more ways to let the initiative know so this sysrptem can work for everyone. I have some physio excecises and I can cycle and swim. Any other advise for strengthening muscles to support joints

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Light weight lifting will actually help your joints. I have osteo and rheumatoid arthritis. Are you working closely with your doctor on an exercise regime? Yes, you can do 5k. I am 54, and may not can run one, but I've done a 5k.... I proudly finished next to last but i did it.... RA and all!😁


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