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Just tried out the firm butts workout!

Hi all,

I took a break from S&F for a few months, but just started up again with the week 5 podcast and added in one of the new 10 minute exercises, the firm butts workout. Overall, they were very simple to do and the instructions were easy to follow. I had to keep my computer open next to me as I read along, but I do my S&F inside so it was no problem.

I just paused the podcast before the stretching started, did the 5 exercises, and continued the rest of the podcast.

I did have issues with the side leg raise, because my hip bone really hurt touching the floor like that. I used a yoga mat on the floor (no carpeting), so maybe I'll try putting a towel underneath it next time.

Will try the other few soon, but I'm not sure if I should do them all together instead of the 40 minute S&F podcast or do one plus the podcast each day? I don't have enough time to do all plus the podcast!

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The beauty of the 10-minute workouts is that you can fit them in whenever and wherever! You really can just pick and mix. All our routines are designed to fit in with our busy lifestyles.


I'll give these a try, too. :-)


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