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GERD (Reflux)

With my Scleroderma, i get GERD, which is treated with 80mgs daily of oezomeprazole (Nexium). Occasionally - like today when i forgot to take a tablet - i have experienced the usual horrible pain, feels like a red hot poker going down. I am also taking Ranitidine. Sometimes when i get this pain, i also get pain in my left arm, just above my elbow, this has been going on for years. I,m assuming it is some sort of referred pain from the reflux. I,m just wondering if anyone else experiences this, as i have never heard of it before. Cheers!

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Ah inked up :(

I am sorry I cant really help with the left pain question as I spend my day with different aches and pains appearing, with little prior warning, though I do sympathise about the acid red hot poker sensation.

I try to use omeprazole as a last resort and avoid trigger foods / situations (my acid loves stress and arguments). i would consider a trip to the G P if it doesnt get better for you .. Do you have an annual echo ? I suppose you will not forget taking your tablet again ;) I even carry a reserve in my handbag when I am out (not very often at the moment in this weather) and about, incase the acid triggers itself off.

I have also started drinking half a squeezed lemon with hot water to start my day which is meant to be a good alkaliser tonic for the GI system as well as a good hit of vitamin C - who needs caffeine ;) I cut that out a few years ago ! Interesting that lemon juice which is an acid has an alkalising effect though ! I hope this may be of some help to you :) x


wow sorry about the smiley overload !!


wow this is good news about the lemon drink ... thanks :)


Well, Living-the-dream, at least you smile! :)


i agree xx


Hi inkedup - I used to get a lot of pain in my left arm, usually mid-way between elbow and shoulder. I still get it from time to time it's a horrid dull achie sort of pain and feels as if it's quite deep inside my arm (if that makes sense!). I don't know what causes it - I spent quite a while at first wondering if I was having a heart attack, but common sense told me I'd probably not stil be alive if so :-) Anyway, I do suffer from GERD and did at the time, athough I had not then been diagnosed and it wasn't too bad (I have limited cutaneous systemic sclerosis) and obviously my reflux isn't as bad as yours anyway as I'm on just 20mg of lansoprazole a day (though I know it if I forget to take it). I've been on lansoprazole for a long time now but I cannot really remember whether I began getting less pain in my arm once I started taking it.

What I do know is that I get pain in both arms (and, like living-the-dream, various other places at times for no obvious reason) especially when lifting or carrying things and holding them up above shoulder height - e.g. to peg out clothes or look through clothes rails. My left arm is always more painful than my right though. In fact my entire left side is more badly affected than my right side - don't know why.

I'll have to try the lemon juice thing myself - I once tried lemon juice and cider vinegar (I think it was) which after about 4 days began to cripple me with heartburn/indigestion so I gave that up.

What I find helps is not mixing starch and protein at the same meal, there is a theory that your body digests them more easily when kept separate and I have to say that it helps me, when I do lapse I suffer for it, Ditto with dairy products - though I do have to have the occasional potato with my meat, or apple pie, plus, or course, the occasional ice cream or cheese binge - the latter usually over Christmas and new year and I pay the price :-)

Definitely worth going to your GP as living-the dream says. It probably goes without saying that you sleep with your bed head raised at least 6 inches.

Hope you get it under control soon.

BarbJ x


Thanks all. I,m a vegan, so dont have to worry too much about diet. I cant raise my bed head either, cos being awkward i sleep on my front and i cant get a crick like that. The pain i get in my arm is like burning, only helps when i slap it, and only occurs at the same time as i get reflux, all a bit weird.


Bless you - it is all so rubbish is nt it ? I hate the whole disease & it's quirkiness :(

Does anyone else get a feeling of fulness after eating not actually that much > I feel like i am 6 months pregnant at times although i have not eaten tht much at all :(

:( :( :(


Hey AliW - yep i can relate to that ! I am a waste of time to go out for a meal as after 2-3 mouthfuls I physically cant eat anymore, as like you, I feel full and quite bloated. However, in december I bought a juicer and havent looked back since including juices in my diet and cutting out the carbs ! check out the most recent 'Hot News' magazine from the Raynuads and Scleroderma Association or check out my piece on the blog section on this site ! give it a go - I hope it helps you :) x


Thanks for your advice - I have a friend who is a keen 'juicer' she is amazing - no health worries just a healthy person - aged 52 but looks 32 ! anyway I am so fed up of all this GI tract stuff .. today has not been so bad but constipation & it hurts & I feel abou a 50 " waist at times :(

Hope to see my chum to talk about the juicing stuff ....

How dooesthe sclero / CREST cause this to happen .. I hate if I cannot undestand ...


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