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raynauds and sweating

i have just been diagnosed with raynauds and my gp has referred me to a specialist,i must say she wasnt very helpful anyway so waiting for my appointment, been looking for any info as i had never heard or it.its my fingers toes and nose and i am always freezing cold i have no energy and always tired aswell as being cold i am constantly sweating any ideas please

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Docs dont really seem bothered by this miner illness lol..they hav no idea how it affects us on a daily basis..iv had raynaurds for 2yrs pretty severe...even when i move rooms in the house naturally ur body experiences temp change and for me this brings on an attack.i write this with my hot water bottle on my knee, invest in one ,its been such a life saver to me in this cold weather... theres meds for it nifedipine it does really help i take one 40mins b4 i go out in cold..read up on all info..educate urself on all the infomation on this site ..i have learnt that keepn warm is the way to go i dont know about the sweating i dont get that lol wish i did as that wud mean i was warm..look up all the questions an answers on this site ul come across helpful info..rest when u need to the best advice is not to worry r get stressed out about minor things accepting the change in ur body and knowing what u can do and when to do it has been a big hurdle for me to get over know ur bodys limits and ask as many questions as u can look after urself any thing i can help u with just ask...


hi fruitpastle thanks for your reply i have been reading up loads about raynaurds and now feel i know abit more about whats happening with my body,well kinda... although i have just been diagnosed i think i had it for ages and just thought i felt the cold more than others,it wasnt until it became very painful and fingers and toes a constant purple colour that i went to the drs,it is now my main priority to keep myself warm,the dr was going to give me medication then changed her mind and referred me to the hospital,dont think she really knew what to do...so glad i found this site everyone seems really friendly and full of good advise i now know im not the only one in the world with this as i did when i walked out the surgery...thanks again


Hi vic78, you are in a great place for more info and people's experiences here !

as well as, have you checked the raynauds and scleroderma association's website out on raynauds.org.uk

there is some great info on there as well as tips to keep warm.

I am on year 16 of my raynauds and scleroderma diagnosis and my advice to you would be to wrap up, and keep warm to prevent any raynauds attacks. It sounds as though medication, a blood pressure drug, may help your symptoms, but these come with their side effects, which I have had trouble with.

All in all though, everyone is different and so what may work for one, may not work for another.... eg, one option of treatment if tablets are not very effective is a drug called Iloprost which is given iv over the course of 5 days. I have had 3, and never again as I can not tolerate them, where as, if you check out some of the previous posts on this site, there are some people here that look forward to getting their iloprost fix ! Iloprost infusions are given to dilate the blood vessels thereby reducing the raynauds attacks.

I also know about the sweating experince ! I can be wearing 5 layers of clothing, my hands will be freezing cold white, I will be feeling cold and yet my arm pits are having a party of their own as well as my hair will get wet, with probably a few seconds prior warning ! Living the dream ! I try to combat this with trying to stay at a constant, comfortable to me temperature !

Welcome to the site and know that you are not alone on this diagnostic journey - there is a helpful, supportive community here :) x


hi living-the-dream thanks for your reply,oh its so good to hear im not the only one that can be freezing cold and sweating at the same time you really did put a smile on my face with your armpits having a party of there own,because it could sound abit crazy to most,it really has been so helpful on this site and everyone seems so friendly i now know im not alone,its now my main priority to keep my body at a nice warm temperature.i now have my uggs and fluffy cozy dressing gown on over my clothes in the house,also been reffered to hospital so will see what treatment they suggest thank you so much this has really helped x


Hello vic 78. Welcome to the "family". I know just how you're feeling as I have similar problems. I can be freezing cold and be dripping with facial sweating at the same time. Excess

sweating is called "Hyperhidrosis". It's very difficult to manage being hot and cold at the same time. I suffer from underactive thyroid which upsets the body's thermostat and of course Raynaud's causes the blood flow to hands and feet to be restricted. I have one medication to warm me up and one to cool me down. I never know what to do for the best so I take the one to warm up in winter and deal with the sweating as best I can. I then take the medicine to cool me down in the warmer months which helps a little. The sweating used to cause me great distress and embarrassment when out socially and I started turning down invitations to special occassions so I know how you feel.

Maybe you could ask your doctor to investigate the cause of the sweating. I was sent to the Endocrine clinic at my local hospital and had lots of blood tests done after suffering for a good few years. I used to put my excess sweating down to the menopause but it really was down to the thyroid disorder.

Good luck!


hi graygirl1 thanks for your reply its been really helpful i now feel im not the only one,now realising i to have let it interfer with my soicial life cause it feels so uncomfortable and sooo embarrassing so would make any excuse not to go out. i will get the dr to investigate because it feels so strange to be freezing cold and sweating at the same time,i thought it was related but maybe not i thought because im so cold my bodys going into overdrive trying to warm me up causing the sweating i dont know anyway thank you so much everone on this site seems friendly and full of good advise.have you now got your sweating under control now you know its your thyroid? thanks again


I have Crest and have digital ulcers on my fingers and are very painful, the doctor wants my to take Viagra has anyone ever tried this medication?


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