Does anyone have Iron deficiency anaemia and had to have iron infusions ?

Hi, I have had iron deficiency anaemia for sometime. I have taken iron supplements in the past but, I haven't been able to tolerate them very well. I have been investigated by the gastro team for any bleeding and there is'nt a focus for the anaemia. I have tried to improve my iron intake with my diet, but It's still very low in my blood results. The gastro consultant has arranged for me to have an infusion over 6 hours and I was wondering if anyone has had a similar experience to share as I feel a little apprehensive about the procedure and any side effects it may have x

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  • I havent had it. Just wondering if you have Scleroderma and take PPI's for reflux? They interfere with iron absorption X

  • Hi inkedup, I have scleroderma, and many other problems. I do take a high dose of PPI's for reflux and I have been taking them for about 5 years. I am not aware if they interfere with iron absorption, I will ask my GP. My GP prescribed different preparations of iron for me to try, but I couldn't tolerate them, the supplements gave me a gnawing pain in my tummy. I recently had really severe reflux and vomiting during the night and had investigations into that problem. I have some inflammation, but nothing worrying although, my consultant did mention that people with chronic illnesses do tend to have anaemia and do have problems absorbing iron.

  • Hello, I have had intravenous iron, but not over 6 hours. I was given it on 3 consecutive days, a slow injection taking about 20 mins. I was fine with it, but I understand that there are dangers with reactions, which was why I wasn't able to leave the hospital straight after, had to stay for about a hour. Like you I had a battery of tests for anaemia, I think they decided in the end that I didn't absorb it very well. I now take Ferr Gluconate, which keeps me just above the anaemic level. Best of luck with your treatment.

  • Hi Yorky, thank you for your reply, the iron infusion I'm going to have is infused over 6 hours. I have been scaring myself reading about the reactions that people can have, but. I'm sure that these reactions are rare. I just want to feel better and have more energy, I'm fed up because my mouth is sore all the time, I have headaches and my niece calls me Casper the friendly ghost because I'm so pale lol x

  • I have had iron infusions but they didn't take 6 hours. I went every week for 6 weeks and the infusion took about 30 minutes. Hope you feel better soon

  • An iron infusion is very easy to do, I have done it many times and it helps you feel so much better. I am always glad to have my infusion when its time because I know what a difference it makes. It helps me feel human again! It's just basically having an IV that takes a few hours, you have it done in the doctors office and then just go home.

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