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Where are the hospital gowns?

Hi - I was very surprised yesterday that I didnt have to change into a hospital gown for the Gastroscopy! I kept all my ordinary clothes on. When I had a barium swallow recently, I had to change into a gown. I wonder if it's the new way of doing things? I would have thought a gown would have been appropriate yesterday in case I had been sick. Anyone got any ideas?


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Don't know, however, I didn't have a gown for my gastroscopy .... But did for my colonoscopy ..... I would think you would need a gown for the barium swallow so to get a good picture via the X-ray ...


I didn't have a gown either, can't quite remember when I had the first one but it was probably about 2008. I suspect you'd only be sick if you hadn't followed the instructions and had eaten breakfast or something. I kept heaving during my first one (and lifting my right leg up in the air, but that's another story :-) ) but absolutely nothing came up.


Could be because the doctor was looking into your stomach with a camera, unlike a barium swallow where they use an xray machine to view the outline of your digestive system as the barium makes it's way through.

I had a gastroscopy some years ago and was not asked to change into a gown. Seems to be the practice everywhere. It's unlikely you would throw up as your stomach was probably empty.

Hope all goes well.


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