Hospital for Christmas

Thanks to everyone for all your kind words and encouragement.I was finally admitted into hospital yesterday 22nd December and had my first infusion last night....the rhuemy has said i need to have them for 12 hours a day for the next five sad old me will be spending Christmas day attached to a drip :( am quite pleased that as yet i haven't felt sick.....although my bp has fallen very low. I have just paid for my bedside tv and phone and now have internet how hospitals have changed ! Thanks to everyone for their support I wouldn't have known what to do or coped wthout your encouragement and advice.

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  • Hope it goes well with the iloprost and that you'll soon be feeling better. You'll get to watch all the Christmas specials! If you stayed in a hotel full board over Christmas it would cost a fortune - make the most of it ;-)

    Take care x

  • Bless your heart. I've been away. Why and what are you getting a drip for? I'm sorry you'll celebrate Christmas at the hospital but maybe you'll be surprised and it will be the most memorable year yet.. Bright side and all.

  • Good. I get Iloprost for 6 hours each time. Maybe you need 12 hours and over Christmas, that's promt treatment. All the best to you. I am glad we were of help. Enjoy a no-worry Christmas and start feeling better for the New Year.

  • Best wishes to you. It's not nice for you to spend Christmas in hospital. Although if it helps you it will be worthwhile. Celebrate whenever you get out. Hoping that you have joy at Christmas. Nuala

  • Hope you feel better soon, be thinking of you!.

  • Hi their Sorry to be reading that someone is in hospital now, I have just done ten days of illoprost treatment at frimley Park Hospital, first week was ups and downs, 2nd week I was given an over does of treatment, well over limit, trying to find out what side effects are now. But I never new what I was facing just drop into it but I'm hoping it may save my ley.Fingers crossed to whom is having it now, try and have a good christmas. Regards David.

  • Home tomorrow :) can finally celebrate Christmas with my hubby , last infusion starts at 12pm today ,staff at hospital have been WONDERFUL ! Thanks to everyone who has given me support it has been really appreciated :)

  • awww glad ur home TJme, i used to ave 12 hourly drips every 6 week,, now i go 4 the 6 hour drip, least i see my kids everyday still then,,hope ur feeling better,, happy new year,xx

  • Tjme - glad all went ok xx

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