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Help, what should I do when taking the purple pill, I have a problem with constipation and rectum pressure

when I take the purple pill? Actually, I am taking Omeprazole (which I think is the generic form of the purple pill) and I get these symptoms than I try to have the 2 spoons of fiber but get extremely embarrassing gas that you would worry about at the office. I know I need it because I don't here the gurgling sounds as much when I am taking it.

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water..lots of water...warm water with half a lemon squeezed in first thing in the morning, before you eat or drink anything else...this has helped me so much. of course watch what you eat..always...figure out what your triggers are and avoid them.. hope this helps a little...every day is a new adventure :) ~debi


thanks water is good I always forget that


Constipation is a problem for some folks. Could be due to medication for pain or a medical problems like Underactive Thyroid, Raynaud's and others. Drinking plenty of fluids including water is good. If possible eat fruits and vegetables. Dates are good for constipation. If you find the fibre not very effective you could ask your doc to prescribe or buy Senna tablets. I find they are not drasctic on the tummy. Take two evening/ bedtime and you should be "good to go" before you go to work so are more relaxed. Porridge with bran or branflakes added is good also (if you like this type food) You may like try to eat a few currants and raisins as a snack (like you would eat peanuts)or added to your breakfast cereals.

Remember to drink more water, good to eleviate constipation and good for your skin and kidneys. All the best. Graygirl1


The purple pill is Nexium (esomeprazole) and Prilosec is (omeprazole). These medications work in the same way as they are proton pump inhibitors. I have tried them and both Nexium and Prilosec gave me severe diarrhea so as you can see the pills work different on each person. I am now on Dexilant (dexlansoprazole) another proton pump inhibitor and this one is the best out of the three for me as I now have very few side effects from it. It is all trial and error. Good Luck


Hello I also take PPI drugs and have only been taking them for a short while. I also take a lot of other medication for chronic pain as well as medication for Raynauds. I drink lots and lots of filtered water and always have a bottle of water by me every where I go. I also eat lots and lots of fruit of every kind and lots of vegetables. I find prunes are very good. However even though I eat a very high fibre diet and drink lot of water I still get constipated. My GP gave me Movicol sachets when my bowels became impacted. I started on a high dose until things were working normaly and then decreased it until I was on two sachets a day. Now and again if I have to take more pain medication than usual I need to take more Movicol. Movicol comes in sachets it is a white powder that you disolve in 125mls of water. It comes flavoured ot plain. Movicol is available on prescription. I would see your GP about your problem as there are lots of reasons for contipation and it is better not to self medicate initially incase there is an other problem it is always better to be checked out first. Keep in touch and let us know how you get on.

Best Wishes Jessie122


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