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Nose bleeds and Raynaud's also ongoing lack of appetite

Hello I need some advice please. My 15 year old autistic son was diagnosed by our GP with Raynaud's three years ago. We have never seen a consultant about this.

My son has been suffering from severe nose bleeds from a very young age. He had gone two years without a bleed but this week they have returned with a vengeance. He also had a tooth extracted yesterday and it took over 9 hours to stop the bleeding. This has never happened to him before.

My question is can nosebleeds and other types of bleeding ie following a tooth extraction be associated with Raynaud's?

My son is also currently under Gastroenterology because of his very poor apatite. He rarely feels hungry. Again could this be linked to his Raynaud's?

I am very concerned about my son at the moment and I am looking for answers to see if there might be a link between his various health issues.

thank you

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I'm no medical expert..... I don't think nose bleeds have been associated with Raynaud's. Not sure about the appetite side of thinks. Ask your GP to refer your son to a Rheumatologist?


Thank you no-one. My GP has refused to refer my son to a Rheumatologist as she said there was no need,


What medication?




Okay, Raynaud's itself isn't normally associated with nose bleeds. Raynaud's is generally blood rushing to the heart not generally the other way around. A sudden recovery from a bout of Raynaud's could however exacerbate an existing condition. For instance... hemophilia, if certain weakened cells rupture due to blood rushing back to cells then it could in theory cause more bleeding than would otherwise be necessary.

On the other hand the cells that often rupture to cause a nose bleed are not usually the ones that are 'drained' during an attack. So it's unlikely to be a main factor in either causing or pro-longing a nose bleed.

If he has already been suffering with extreme nosebleeds with a sufficiently regular cycle, I believe that might fall under a different condition. So always shop around with regards to GP's. If you're just seeing 'one' GP or 'one' consultant, you're not doing everything you can to resolve a problem. Never take one doctor's word for it, especially if you think there is something not quite right. If you're still not happy that you're not getting the treatment you believe you need, consider registering at a different surgery for better options.

And as for the hunger thing, make sure that he's getting his vitamins and minerals. With autism (you know this already but for anyone else reading this) routine is key and getting them to consume meals or nutritious drinks at very specific times can enhance the 'hunger feeling'. It's important for those without Autism but almost essential for those with. Personally I recommend fruit smoothies...

But just to reiterate. It is very unlikely that Raynaud's is causing the nose bleed. Keep track of Raynaud's attacks and Nose bleeds if you're not so sure however.


Has his blood difficulty with clotting? It could be that is the problem.


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