bad cough

hiya, i went doctors last wednesday and found out i have got a viral infection and my glands are up and they said it would go in a few days if i take paracetamol but ive still got it ive also got a cold and a cough, i was just wondering if anyone knows what i can take for my bad cough as i have raynauds and theres certain ones i can,t have with having raynauds, and this cough is making my throat worse thanks.

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  • Honey, Lemon and a hot toddy, if you are old enough (hehe) - I would ask yr pharmacists as they are the most qualified in medicines..

    It is times like this that really get me down but I usually take Lemsip - I now its not ideal but it really does help xx

  • ohright ok then thanks yeah im old enough im 21 (haha) yeah i went to the pharmacist today and they gave me some medication but if it doesnt go in a few days ive gotta go back to the doctors.

    yeah same here its horrible when u don.t know what u can take for it nope that is,nt ideal really as i got told that people with raynauds can,t take lemsip xx

  • Is it a dry cough? I have had the same as you for three weeks. Cough Awful.

    Sit up as high as you can at night and take Boots medicine for dry cough. There is very little stuff in it.

  • it,s more of a ticklish cough to be honest. oh dear that,s not good hope u feel better soon, yes coughs are awful they make your throat even more sore, yeah i will do that thanks!

  • Dear Lisa_Lovatt,

    Do you have scleroderma? Do you have reflux? That gives an awful dry cough that can be controlled by medication.

  • no i don,t think i have scleroderma, all i have is raynauds as far as i know, no i don,t have reflux ohright does it my cough is more of a ticklish cough but everytime i cough it makes my glands more swollen.

  • This may sound really weird - but I can vouch for how good it is! Put Vick's Vapour Rub on the soles of your feet, cover with socks and hey presto your cough settles down - it works especially well at night. It's worth a try - amazingly it worked for me! ;) x

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