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Cure with Cayenne

Those of you suffering with hot feet or cold feet. Here is a major way to help yourself. Get the book Cure with Cayenne. By Sam Biser. Cayenne is a blood purifier and stimulating circulation. It is said in this book how almost all disease is caused from a lack of blood supply to the area troubled. Those of us who have a wonderful diet, drink lots of water and still have trouble, this is why. The book details how to take it. The mouth must taste it or the stomach will cramp. Never do capsules,,it wont work. Must get organic peppers or the very hottest powder, best to make your own., grow your own. nonorganic is very damaging to the stomach because of sprays. Start very small 3 times a day and work up to 1/2 to 1 tsp 3 times a day. Putting it on food is the best. My first feet were so hot I couldn't I backed down on the dose and am sleeping really well. Get the will list many uses, many recipes and major cures for almost everything. Good luck!

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Hi - gosh, I wonder what the medical profession think of this one?


Not a lot. The only evidence I've found of this working is due to the Placebo effect. Even the people that study this range of pepper day to day do not believe it can significantly alter blood circulation in a positive way. Though it does thin the blood a little.

I've achieved the same results a few times, by bathing by feet in cold, then warm water, or by rubbing vicks vaporub over my feet. Though it doesn't work every time.

My personal advice is to try it, yes, but don't rely on it and don't expect it to work permanently if it works for you at all. Keep up the medication. Oh and don't buy heaps of the stuff. It's actually cheaper to just wear electrically heated socks all the time.


Thanks I will give it a go - my only concern being how my gut will cope with it, but Im always happy to experiment


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