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preparing fruit

well interesting day today, after having a fresh pineapple ripping on the windowsill decided to cut it up!!!!! took me ages as handling the fruit made my hands so one point even put me washing up gloves on....think i mite be ignoring the offers in Morrison's of a 50p pineapple and buying it ready prepared in future....haha didn't realise how raynaud's affects the simple everyday things we take for granted..... :( keep warm everyone..xx

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My Raynauds is mild, but preparing fruit and veg does give me attacks. I run a bowl of hot waster, and keep it near where I am working, and every 30 seconds or so I warm up again, and then I can do a bit more. Slow, but it keeps me from having an attack. I don't like chopping wearing gloves!


Dont give up the pineapple can buy a pineapple peeler from lakeland its amazing peels, cores and slice it for you. I get vegs etc out of cellar wearing gloves and leave them to get go room temp before handing. Dont refrigerator unless they have to.


I definitely have to agree with Odyssey. Also use tepid/lukewarm water instead of cold. Then again, if you're living on your own, a steamer and pre-chopped frozen fruit and veg... is basically all you're gonna need. Yeah you will need to wear your gloves, but there's no real fiddly bits like cutting or prepping. Except for the rice (which...can also be steamed O_o)


thanks all...really like the idea of the pineapple peeler will have to look into that.....thanks all for advice....i do peel at lot of my potatoes and veg in warm water...will try it with other things...thanks all for advice stay


Hi sandycharlie. I have one of the pineapple peelers and found it a bit fiddly. You have to first cut the top off the pineapple. It works like a kind of corkscrew which slices the fruit down the middle. I found there was a lot of the pinaeapple left behind after removing the slices so instead of throwing the rest away, I used the it, skin and all, to make pineapple juice with the help of a juicer. It was summertime and I added a little rum to the juice. Delicious!

I would say try the peeler, it's not really difficult to use and not expensive. I got mine via the internet a couple of years ago. Take care and keep warm.



I have the same problem when preparing fruit & veg. I keep some tepid water in the sink and keep warming my hands up.

At work I warm my hands under lukewarm water (I'm a secretary)

My Raynauds is definitely getting worse and affects my feet badly, unfortunately I can't use warm water but invested in a pair of Ugg boots and they really help.


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