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Help! where can I find a qualified distributor?

Hi everyone, where can I find a qualified distributor?

Our compnay is leading of electronic heated apparel and footwear&gloves.,

now we have 5 distributors and 30 ODM customers, we want to extend our distributors to sale our brands products, please give me some advice how to find them????


Jason yu

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Hi hyheatwear - Amazon is a great source, I buy so much from them. Recently had an electric fleece (3 hour timer, 1 pence per day to run it etc).


Hi CardiffLady, thanks for your answer.

Amazon is retailer store, I need a wholesale,also thank you.


Why not contact the Raynauds and scleroderma association - they will be the best people to help you.


Hi Jason (again!)

RSA is a great idea! If your products are good they are likely to be very supportive, as they are always interested in new heat products. Or why not suggest a collaboration with one of your competitors in the UK, eg Exo? They sell heated products but don't have your remote control wireless technology which I would like to try. When I contacted your nearest outlet in Belgium he wanted me to do a bank transfer to pay. I'm sorry but as much as I would like to buy, I need to be able to do it via pay pal or a credit card, for security. Bank transfers to another country cost a lot of money to arrange.


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