about 3 weeks before Christmas i started getting a lot of pain behind my knees, increased my naproxen and started on regular paracetamol with no effect. I saw the GP on tuesday and she gave me codeine...this also had no effect on the pain and I have been feeling so dizzy and lightheaded on it...went back to GP today and im going to try Tramadol...I cant wait to see the Rheumatologist. fingers crossed I can get an SOS appointment and soon...his secretary is off sick and there is no nurse just got to wait until i speak to the secretary....I also start my new job on Monday so here's hoping my knees survive the day!!!

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  • I tried all these with no positive effect but with negative effect. GP put me on Amitryptiline, small dose. It works on the centre in the brain. I still have pain but much more bearable. Go to the GP asap.

  • Hi I too like zenabb - tried but was even worse. Codeine did absolutely nothing for me. Good luck though.

  • double blur...been taking tramdol for 24hrs...I feel awful on im totally spaced more tramadol for me...fingers crossed i can get through to the rheumatologist to get this SOS appointment!!!

  • Hello, I have terrible knee pain and take Ibuprofen, which takes the edge off it and makes walking, with a slight limp possible. Saw the Rheumy on Thursday, who sent me for an Xray, which I know will show calcinosis, and he has referrred me for a cortisone injection. I also have a painful hip, same side, he seems to think that reducing the knee pain will sort out the hip pain. I am not a 100% convinced as I can feel my hip grating when I turn over in bed. But I will go along with him at the moment. Try to get it Xrayed at least. Best of luck.

  • thank you...ive been feeling spaced out all day...i feel awful!!! roll on bedtime!!!

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