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Help!!! Fed up of rouge landlords!!

I can't believe it!!! This is the 4 th time my boiler has broken!!! I'm frozen to the bone with no heating or hot water ( which as been 4 days) .. while my landlord is up stairs with an open fire, central heating and under floor heating. :,) ... I ve had environment health out and he has been giving so many notices it unreal... Let's hope the rain stays away, otherwise my pathway to the front door will flood.. completely.. only need an hour or so off rain....

I was wondering if anyone knows weather or not the council will put us up in a warm bed n breakfast until the boiler is fixed...

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Hi, fairygoddess83, jeesh I thought I had it bad. That's awful. Have you sought advice from the Council?

I bought a pack of thermometers last week as I've always thought my place was cold. My kitchen (no heater) does not get above 7 degrees and my lounge with heating on full and all the doors closed only gets up to 12 degrees. Have tested the thermometers by taking them over to my mother and they all work, so it's my Council Flat :( .

It seems my own dilemma is nothing compared to yours.

If the council can't help, seek advice from Legal Advice, Citizens Advice....?