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raynaulds disease

to all sufferes out there i have been suffering for 10 years and now iam on dla,been to my cab lady to explain about my other condition ive lst all nerves in my right hand and in pain day and night,iam waiting for op to cut the nerves in both my wrist as my two end fingers are dead no one cares weather i live or die this is my contact no if anyone else is suffering like me ive none to help me 07548829368

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I know how you feel. I've actually asked for my feet to be amputated or the nerves cut. Also waited 8 months to see Vascular Surgeon. Then a referral from them to Dermatology - which took 7 months and a referral from Dermatology to Rheumatology - 11 months :(. So I really do sympathise.

Reply symptons are futile to yours. I have lupus as well as raynauds. I asked doc for meds for the ray, but he said that they are vile and puff you up, full of nitrates, nasty things. Common sense that was his answer. They, fingers, have gone now typing this. I am on jsa, as I lost esa. I saw a guy yesterday about doing pc skills for a job. I used to work outside but because of both illness' can't and have to be retrained. I can imagine me with fingerless mitts on! I had dvt in my left leg last year, ever since then I have had a blue foot, feels strange to the touch, so I don't know if I have ray in that foot. I know it's difficult , but be positive. 12 years ago I wanted to die, had a breakdown. Took me 2 and 1/2 years to get back to some normality in life, still have dark days. Have a pleasant day


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