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Hi , I am new to this site. In the last week on two occasions two fingers on both hands have gone numb and a really opaque yellow/ white colour, both times when gripping the steering wheel of my car. I am assuming it is raynaulds. This is something totally new for me and I am wondering what has caused it. I am 52 and have been on warfarin for the last 6 weeks for a blood clot in the calf , because of this I have also had to come off HRT ( on it for the last 17 yrs)cold turkey . Could either of these changes have caused the problem? Is it something I need to tell my GP ? Any help / advice greatly appreciated. Thanks

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  • Definitely report these things to your GP. It could be raynaud's or other things. The fact you are on warfarin, and the HRT . Definitely call your doctor and get in there. Better safe than sorry .

  • Yes, tell your GP. They may not do anything, however, until it gets a bigger problem. My fingers are all twisted up and ulcerated thanks to Raynaud's, and I'm on a vasodilator called Sildenafil, to open up peripheral blood circulation.

    I'm a suspicious person, so I reckon your medication regime may be a factor in your sistuation. What does the advisory leaflet say?

    In the meantime, perhaps wear wristwarmers (I have handy lengths of stockinette bandage) and mittens or gloves with with long cuffs, especially where you are likely to encounter sudden cold temperatures (e.g. reaching into fridge, holding steering wheel, passing chiller cabinets in supermarket, going for a country walk etc).

  • Absolutely. Tell your GP and get referred to a rheumatologist if appropriate.

  • Thanks , I shall mention it when I'm next in - don't expect it will be too long !

  • Firstly it's not "Raynaulds" it's Raynauds! This white finger could be as a result of being on Warfarin. To help prevent this occuring try flexing your fingers frequently to keep the circulation going and keep warm (i.e. your core temperature) maybe even wear woollen gloves. Talk to your GP and ask his/her opinion.

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