If Scleroderma isn't enough

Well my luck is going from bad to worse, was to sick to go to the conference last week and I decided to start this week off by doing a nose dive in the bath! I broke my humerus and was stuck in the bath. Had to be hoisted out as I couldn't move. What a nightmare! And now I can't use my arm and am in pain to add to all the other issues. Makes me dispair sometimes, but as they say what doesn't kill us makes us stronger.

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  • I fully understand your despair. I often feel like that as if Scleroderma wasn't enough, but things get better until the next one. But I have survived many years by filling my life as far as possible by things that are interesting and entertaining and it takes my mind off quite well. But I can't stand 'boring'.

  • Oh UKNLV dont dispair - hope you feel better xxxx

  • Sorry to hear about your fall. I was too sick to go to conference too xxxxxx

  • WoW you poor poor thing! I feel so bad for you. How much pain you must have been in. I wish you a speedy recovery, and I hope you find many things to keep you occupied while you heal. Feel better fast.


  • Praying for you! :-)

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