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In flight oxygen

On my recent regular visit to the Brompton Hospital, as well as the usual lung function tests, I was given a fitness to fly test. Obviously I failed because I have been told that in future I will require in-flight oxygen (at the rate of 2L/min). I was given a piece of paper with this information and told that this would be enough information for the airline.

I am intending to go to Abu Dhabi next Feburary (my son lives there) and have been researching which airline to use - mainly looking at BA and Etihad Airlines (Abu Dhabi national airline). Both seem to want a MEDIF form to be filled in.

Usually I book my flights on the internet but I suppose, now, I will have to use a travel agent.

Also wondering if my travel insurance will now go sky high,

If anyone else has to use in-flight oxygen please let me know how easy/difficult it is to set up and any advice you can give.


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Hi Nanysue

I used to belong to athe Asthma UK forum and I know there have been lots of discussions there ae in-flight oxygen. The people there will also be able to tell you about their experiences with tavel insurance.

Good luck, and enjoy your holiday.



Thanks Kathy, I'm sure after the first 'in flight oxygen' journey I'll be fine - it's always the unknown that worries us, isn't it.

I'll certainly take a look the UK Asthma site

Thanks again - Sue


I always travel with BA as they don't charge for oxygen like some companies do. They are efficient and will email you a Medif form for your GP to complete. I only get a new cert every three years. When you book online you just need to telephone the number of their website and give them the flight numbers. The only proviso is that they can only have one passenger using oxygen per flight. I have never had a problem.

Good Luck!


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