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went to hospital to get my first check up after the illoprost my doctor was happy with me and checked me over a bit concluded that I need the illoprost twice a year first slot march sometime also to go gabepentin and to get my nails checked what does this entail and then at work the other day bless her i met a lady must have been over 80? and she saw me looking tired i said i am not it is lethargic she then said she has raynauds and i said yes i do to and erythromelgia which she had never heard of but she had recently had illoprost herself and said to me see you down there sometime i think this drug is getting more known i know it works for some people and not others i still have to exercise alot and just stay positive no matter what there is still alot of ignorance about raynauds and all the other diseases loinked with this i try to make people more aware and if i see they need help say go to your doctor till next time take careallx

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Good for you. I have my Iloprost more f requently, especially in the winter.


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