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continual infections

for the last couple of years have been suffering continual ear infections which graduates toward the nose and chest no amount of antibiotics clears it, as fast as i finish a course within afew weeks it back I'm currently on a double dose of antibiotics, the last lot I took in March/april this year they where like horse pills but even they did not stop it, getting fed up with the infections anyone else have this problem and is it connected to auto immune system problems?

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I don't know. I have had pain in my ear a couple of times lately. I never thought of that. So far it has not turned into an infection, though.


Are you sure it starts in the ear?, as I have constant chest infections, which are mainly due, now, to something called Bronchiectasis (lung tissue deformed,causing pockets, that fluid gets trapped in) I always have a blocked nose and cough all the time. I refused to take antibiotics on two counts (A) I'm also asthmatic and didn't want to find I'd become immune to them if I suddenly needed them for something else (B) I have to have liqiud antibiotic, as I have a hiatus hernia and these enormous tablets would get stuck , sometimes for over a day, whereby I can't eat or drink until it has shifted,and I have adverse side-effects to the liquid. I went to a herbalist, who recommended 'Ribwort Plantain'. Lucky for me this grows in abundance in my garden at this time of year,and it is marvellous. :) (If you don't live in the country-side,you'd be able to purchase it from a herbal supplier)


Yes it starts in the ear, effects my hearing & balance, taking more antibiotics if these don't work will have to go into hospital for drip so praying these work. Im not sure it is an infection as nothing is shifting with the tablets, normally there would be a clear out with them but there is nothing so exhusted from coughing its so dry.


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