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Well I am having another of my bad weeks, very depressed and sitting and feeling sorry for myself. Takes all I got to just get out of bed and do anything. I am on anti-depressants but sometimes it gets so bad that they seem of no help at all. Its a dreary rainy day which suits my mood!

I seem to be running out of ideas to cheer myself up, I am unable to go out anymore as I can no longer walk any distance. So a nice long walk to clear my head is out of the question. I was wondering how some of you cope when things get like this. Maybe some fresh ideas will help my mood a bit.

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Hi Uknlv,

I know how you feel with the struggle to get out of bed when you're feeling low, I have that problem a lot of the time. I'm working full time at the moment so it's a matter of having to drag myself out from under the duvet and somehow find the motivation to start the day.

I do use walking as my main source of relaxation, so really sympathise with the fact that you're not able to get out in the fresh air and clear your head. Music is another thing that I use to lift my mood, doesn't always work - if I put on the wrong sort of song I just end up in tears! But if I make the effort to put on something uplifting, and even better, something that I can sing along to at the top of my voice, it does help me to feel brighter. Goodness knows what my neighbours think, maybe they'd enter me for the next series of X-Factor if I could just manage to sing in tune!

Have you tried drawing or writing poetry? I'd do more of both if I just had the time, I find them very therapeutic. I'm not really any good at either but it sometimes helps to express your feelings through creative means rather than dwelling on things in your head.

Try to keep smiling, it's hard when you're depressed but I try to think to myself that things will get better, maybe not tomorrow, maybe not even the day after, but one day soon the dark cloud will lift and everything won't seem quite so much of a chore.

Take care x


come on got to keep your chin up dont let this desease beat you were all stronger than it , while i was in hospital there was a lady who couldnt walk so i would push her outside in a wheel chair for fresh air and change of scenery if you lived near preston i could do this for you? is there noone there or around you to do this i enjoy sitting by the window on bad days watching the birds that does cheer me up i live on my own as my wife said she didnt love me enough to look after me so i after do alot for myself my mum visits alot does cleaning and takes me shopping which is good.


Vaughan, I am so sorry about your wife, I have known people like that and always wondered how they could love someone and not want to do anything to make them feel better. Big hugs to you. It sounds like you are coping well and most days I do ok, I just have dark weeks that everything gets on top of me and I think 'OMG is this my life!' Then I pick myself up and things are a lot better.

Thank you for the kind offer, and if I lived closer it would be nice to get together with someone that understands what I am going through. I have my husband, who is wonderful, and I wouldn't know what to do without him. I have been given a referal for a wheelchair and have been told today that it will be in this week and hopefully delivered to me next week! Which has cheered me up loads, as I will at least be able to get out of the house more. I wanted one I could propel myself, but due to the problems with my hands they said it wasn't possible and I will need someone to push me, but at least I will be able to get out of the house. If not everyday then the weekends for sure, at the moment we do go out, but it is very difficult for me.

Living in where I do in Leeds, I have nothing to look out my window at but other houses, which is not the best of views. But with the wheelchair I am hoping to be able to get out for more things. Maybe even make it to a ceremony, as I am Pagan and have had to miss them due to not being able to walk to the site.

Thanks to both of you for the nice pick me up comments, and I am in a better place at the moment. I hope to get my garden started this weekend as well, and that will cheer me up loads!


I am sorry that you are feeling so low at the moment. Maybe gardening will cheer you up and improve things, as you write.

Best of luck!


I also get very depressed a lot of the time. No rational reason for it sometimes - just wake up knowing that the day is going to be black. Don't think people who don't suffer from the condition understand, and think we (or I) make a fuss over nothing.


Hi UKniv,

My world has shrunk significantly from the raynaunds. I had one of the worse days I've ever had on Sunday. Late into the evening at the end of a very long painful day, I was on my laptop and came across a bloopers site. Well for 2 hours, I just sat there and laughed my head off. Just search any movie or actor you like and search bloopers. Who would have thought that morning I was ready to throw in the towel and by 10:00 I was laughing uncontrollably. ive it a try.


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