Dry eyes worse at night

I have dry eyes and use liquifilm for them which works during the day, my trouble is during the night they don't last long enough. I put them in before I go to bed and if I manage to sleep most of the night my eyes are really sore and crusted just like they used to be before I was given the drops, even if I do put drops in during the night I still get the horrible crusty eyes. I don't think I have an infection I am sure it is all due to the dryness which is getting worse along with my other problems, secondary raynaud's, vasculitis, connective tissue disease, PVD the list goes on but I won't bore you all. Is there another longer lasting drop that is better at night time?

Any help would be gratefully received, I am well overdue for my appointment to the eye clinic so until I get an appointment I can't ask them

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  • I get Hypromellose Eye drops on prescription...recommended by ordinary optician. I use them Morning midday and at night. My eyes are a little sore/itchy in the mornings but no where near as bad as yours...don't know if this will help. B

  • Thank you for replying I get on ok with the liquifilm for day time even though some days I have to use them more than 4 times, my eye consultant said that it's ok to do that I think I will ask about the lacrilube that wartsandall has mentioned hopefully something like that will help.

  • Hi tracynoe, I use viscotears during the day and lacrilube ointment during the night. I had dry, irritated eyes, but since using the combination of the treatment recommended by my optician I have noticed a big improvement....... Best of luck...x

  • Thank you I think it will be worth asking about the lacrilube ointment for night time.

  • I have each of the things that you have listed too. My doctor recommended Systane drops and I find they work well. He said a lot of drops have an ingredient that seems to cause further problems in some patients, so I use them, I also wear an eye mask while sleeping, it seems to help.

  • Hello, I think you need to use an ointment at night as it lasts longer. I was prescribed Simple eye oint, which helps a bit, but I don't think it matters which you use. It does make it impossible to read in bed after I have applied it though.

  • you can use the tears every 15 mins if you wanted to .I keep the bottle in my pocket as sore eyes are not good you will do damage by not useing them .

  • I suppose it is possible that I am not using my drops enough during the day and that is making the night problems worse. Thank you stevieboy I will experiment and see if using the drops more during the day eases the problem, if not then I will have to see about a more lasting ointment for night.

  • My eyes are worse at night, but I do like some of the others and use Snotears during the day as needed and the ointment at night. The ointment helps a lot I have found, before that I would wake up and not be able to open my eyes because of the pain, it was like having cut glass in them.

  • VITA eye ointment. Its best I've found and I've tried a lot. Its also preservative free. Its like vaseline for the eyes. No crusty dryness in morning and less burning during day if I use before going to bed. Most eye drops leave a residue in my eye that makes my eyes crustier/ irritated. But this doesn't and apparently helps to restore surface as has Vit A in it. I like that its preservative free but can last 3 months. Its bit tricky to insert as thick. But good along the eyelids to keep moisturised. Your eyes may still feel bit dry in morning but no crusting and less burning throughout day. I don't really like any other eye drop. I do use refresh as non blurry and less thick for the day time. But these leave a bit of residue in my eyes that I don't like. I also wear a mask at night which helps and wrap glasses in evening.

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