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A little history Raynaud's to RA

Hello All

As this is my first blog I fell I ought to say something about myself. I've now had Raynaud's for 11 years coming on in my late 30s and have attended my local Rheumatology clinic since then. My father had Lupus and I now see the consultant who treated my father. The consultant doesn’t think I will get lupus though. I have been taking nifedipine for most winters since then. I did stop taking it for a couple of winters as the initial dose gave me hot flushes, but my dose has now been lowered. With the recent warmer weather I have come off it until the autumn at least. Still looking forward to the few months I can get away without wearing gloves.

Three years ago I hobbled in to see the Rheumatologist with swollen hands and discomfort in my feet and shoulders, it seems they had been expecting this from my blood test results and promptly diagnosed Rheumatoid Arthritis. I have been on azathioprine since then, which has made it manageable. My immune system however can’t tolerate the amount my consultant wants me to take. The lower dose doesn’t seem to combat RA totally however; with my RA worsening last winter I am now also taking Hydroxychloroquine.

My RA and Raynaud’s is fairly manageable and fortunately doesn’t as yet control my life too much. I dislike the cold with a passion though and it needs to be 20 deg C before I feel comfortable outside. I enjoy cycling and watching Derby County, even in cold weather, if that can be called enjoyable.

I hope everybody feels better with the recent warm weather.

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I think the struggle with medication is a pretty common thing for most sufferers - I think I should rattle when I walk!! It's good to hear that you don't let your conditions control your life too much - it's great that you still enjoy the things you like to do. The warmer weather is a great relief - however I am working in the office on a Sunday today (:-() but at least I can see the sun outside!


Hi Nigel, glad to hear that you have found some medications that enable you to manage your conditions. Well done you for maintaining a presence at the footie, I'm afraid that I've become more or less an armchair supporter these days as the last couple of winters have been far too cold for me to head up north and support my local team. I made a couple of attempts last November but by half time I was completely frozen to my seat. It might help warm me up if things were slightly more exciting on the pitch, if they could manage to get the ball in the back of the net at least I could jump up and down to celebrate! Now that the weather is picking up I shall try and fit in a couple of games before the end of the season, although I'll be the only one in the stadium wearing gloves, scarf and hat in May!


Hi Nigel and Rach18 I am glad we can try and get on with our aches and pains and not give up even if we go out in gloves and our hat. I have Lupus and Raynauds.When its cold pains in my feet and fingers and when the sun is out i get a skin rash and my joints hurt. No pleaseing some people.Take care every one . l


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