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Advice needed


I haven’t posted on here for such a long time! It’s been a case of get on with it I think 😂.

However in need a bit of chat as I’ve just been referred to dermatology because of suspected Basal Cell Carcinoma on my face. The treatment I’ve had from my GP hasn’t worked. Can this be scleroderma related and has anyone else experienced it?

Any info would be greatly appreciated.

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I think the basal cell carcinoma would be sun related ??. I’ve had multiples cut out, plus a malignant melanoma, mine are sun related, no connections to my Reynauds .

GillB46 in reply to Lynnie

Thanks for your reply. I thought it was probably the sun too as I’m very fair skinned but just before a planned trip to Spain? Wouldn’t be too popular if that was cancelled. We’ve been going 3 times a year to help with my Raynauds and OA but never at the height of summer. We’re not loaded by the way - just have a very good friend with an apartment!

I’m not keen on laying out for hours sunbathing which is good but I’ll buy factor 50 and a big hat for walking about!

If only you could see me in a hat 😂😂. Not my best look but who cares!?

I had one about 7 years ago at 65 on the end of my nose which hasn't come back thankfully. Now I have a lump on my ear which he doesnt think is, but i am having it off and it will be tested at the time. Don't think they are scleroderma related though. But mine was before I was diagnosed. Just like the DVT I had prior to being diagnosed. It was what concentrated my mind on a proper diagnosis though. They seem somehow related also. Others have had that. Good luck with that x

Thank you! I’ve got two - under and at the side of my nose and all treatment by Efudix has failed. I had one on my eyebrow a couple of years ago. That went with cream treatment.

Using a steroid now to clear inflammation so see what happens. Just hope I get to see someone before my hols.

Hi Gill, I think you need to get it removed. My mother had it on her wrist and the dermatologist removed it surgically. They can get rid of it fast. Please take care of yourself. 🙏🏻⭐️

GillB46 in reply to beaglab

Thank you! My GP dictated a letter while I was there asking for an urgent appointment at hospital. We’ll see how soon that happens!

Hi Gill, are you prescribed Mycophenolate? one of the side effects is sensitivity to the sun, so always advisable to wear 50 factor sun cream, and cover up with loose fitting clothes, hope this helps, take care and enjoy your holiday, xxx

No I’m off all meds at the moment except for stomach so it’s down to that bright thing in the sky 😎. Factor 50 is on the shopping list. Bottles of it!

I've had a couple cut out. I was told it was due to getting badly sunburned as a kid (30+ year ago) I avoid the sun like the plague now as i'm very fair skinned, freckles all over, natural blonde and while eyelashes, so i just look at the sun and i start to glow red! Sunblock doesn't help at all I've found.

I’m fair skinned too and in younger (much!) years had freckles and red touches in my hair so that’s a sun warning but I’ve only been holidaying abroad frequently in the last few years. Got to be the connection hasn’t it?

I’ve calmed down now after my initial concern so will await the hospital view and just take extra care by avoiding the hottest part of the day, slapping factor 50 on and wearing a delectable hat. Paints a beautiful picture 😂😂.

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