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Scalp pain with Scleroderma & Raynaud

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I just wanted to start off by saying this is my first post/response to any of my issues/illness since they have ever started. For me they started in 2009-2010 and progressed no matter what I did. It took forever to get diagnosed for one thing. I live in Las Vegas and even my doctors tell me there aren’t many good doctors out here. It wasn’t till I went to California that I was finally diagnosed by a RA doctor. I agree with the post it has to be the Scleroderma and the Raynaud that causes that tenderness in the scalp. I have Other things wrong with me besides those two but I never hear of any of my lupus group complain of it and even though fibromyalgia affects the nerves and I don’t feel that it is that. The more my fingers feel like that are about to bust open ( sausage fingers) and digit I have the worse my head is. Shoot even if the wind blows on my hair it hurts on bad days. Thank goodness it does come and go. I saw someone responded that they use Black seed oil . I’m going to give it a try . So thank you for that in advance if it work. Like I said I know that this is my first post and this is me just really saying thank you for not making me feel alone . With autoimmune some of our illness some people never even heard of them and I know a lot of us live in chronic daily pain every day. I myself am no longer able to work anymore which has been hard for me to swallow. I’m getting ready to go for a double hip replacement next. I’m sure some of you are just as tired of taking the meds like I am . I’m on 22 medication including and injection. If anyone got any herbal remedies for my bone pain or nerve pain that would be awesome. I try everything. Heat of course but anything that maybe I may not of heard of . I do have pkd as well. I grow and unfortunately am still growing cysts in. It’s my kidneys and liver and this started before the meds . I been on the meds for 3 years now . The bone damage started way before that unfortunately like I said the doctor out here in Vegas didn’t listen to me , they just told me your young you look good but didn’t check the labs or even draw for the right ones. It wasn’t till I went to California. I had already loss so so much bone mass over all those years. And even though I was complaining of pain in liver area nothing. I lost my teeth and my hair. It was a mess . I know I’m not alone on the things that happened to me, I read many post and my heart goes out to all of you. I just wanted to say keep them coming keep sharing because it was because of all of you and your post that I didn’t feel alone. So thank you and god bless you all.

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