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Raynaud's - Ropinirole

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Hi everyone,

I have recently replied to a post by Kathlene that was made over six years ago. I too found that my Raynaud's began a few months (2010) after taking Ropinirole for my Restless Leg Syndrome; a condition I was unaware of for 30 years.

I will continue with the Ropinirole, as for me, sleep is my priority. However, I would like to know if anyone has any herbal remedies for Raynaud's or even the Restless Leg Syndrome?


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Hi there, I went to see a rheumatologist yesterday for the first time ever since being diagnosed with raynauds over 30 years ago. He told me I also have Achenbach’s syndrome (painful spontaneous bruising). He said that taking fish oil and evening primrose oil can help with raynauds. I’m going to get some and see if it’ll make a difference. He did say however that I’m doing the 3 best things to help already - not smoking or drinking and taking regular exercise.

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Thanks, Julesboz. I've taken fish oil every day for over a year. My knees and joints are definitely returning to their gazelle-like former years. If only it was that easy, hey? I have also, only this week, started including Chia seed into my diet, which apparently contains a far higher level of Omega 3 than expensive fish oil tablets.

How do I use the primrose oil?

Happy New Year and health!

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To be honest I don’t know. I only saw him yesterday and need to research which oil is best and how to take it.

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Julesboz, thanks. I'll look into it as well. Have a good weekend.

You can try vitamin B3.....100mg twice daily...you might feel some flushing until your body is used to it. Your blood is stopping to move in hands and sometimes feet. This moves the blood through the extremity.

Thanks, I look into that too. Very kind of you to reply.

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