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Losing Eye Sight, any similar experience?


Hi people, I am sorry I always come up with terrible situations.

Recently I had a close call renal crisis, where my potassium and Kreatinin levels were as high as 5.9 and 1.4 respectively, limits are 5 and 1.2 here.

It is all fine as of Friday, values are down to 4 and 1

I was on Cell-Cept and were moved to Endoxan immediately.

Now, since last week, I have lost sight on my right eye but on the lower half. it is so defined, they rushed me into neurology and i spent 3 hours on contrast MRI's.

For absolutely nothing. They don't know why it is happening but they do have a tendency to blame diabetes. Which my argument is, if it were, It would effect both eyes, my left one is 20/20 vision!

Anyone had a similar side effect to the meds named above or experienced partial or complete blindness?

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Omgosh... I'm sorry your having so many issues....

Here in the US ..., Gadolinium , a toxic contrast metal used in MRI's causes kidney failure !!! Alergic reactions , for people with *inflammation auto immune disease* ... An a host of other problems.... has been approved for use in infants .....

I don't know if that is something TOO look at.....

Bless your heart

Sorry to hear you’re going through this! My opinion is all these medications can be harmful to our bodies. I had a bad allergic reaction to cellcept. Thank God I found the right doctor who found bacteria is the cause of my scleroderma. Please go check out the roadback.org website to get info on maybe finding a doctor near you that can help.

I had my first scleroderma renal crisis almost 2 years ago. They reckon it was a bad reaction to prednisolone which I was prescribed at my first rheumatology appointment. Mine wasn't close call, it was full on "shut down kidneys and give up". My function hasn't recovered (I assume from the way you spoke that yours has). One of the symptoms I suffered with upon my initial admission to A&E for my kidneys was complete blindness. It was temporary, and it was due to a build up of fluid behind the eyes. I had my eyes examined at the hospital using eye drops and a weird camera, to check the swelling had gone down after being discharged and luckily I've had no sight problems since.

I am not a doctor and dont know how common fluid build up behind the eyes is in renal patients (I know a lady at my dialysis centre had it the other week), but it may be worth bringing up to a nephrologist (if you have one) or your rheumatologist.

Feel better soon :)

They tried to do a eve anjiography. Appearently, i am allergic to the contrast meds/fluid. Woke up in the a&e with 5 doctors with paper white faces around me. One of them was holding a huge fricking needle for adrenaline which she appearently stabbed me with.

It was funny. I warned them everything is epic in my life.

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