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Next meeting in Birmingham is 30.11.18, you're all more than welcome to come along

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Hi Folks, we have a date and venue for our next meeting in Birmingham. It's on Friday 30th November 2018 at 2.00pm. It'll be in the restaurant of John Lewis, 2 Station Street Birmingham West Midlands B2 4AU. I haven't been there personally but the website site reads as it's on level 4. One of the entrances to John Lewis is in the grand central train station so easy to find. You're more than welcome to come and join us for a coffee/tea and a chat or just to sit in and listen etc. I've attached the photo from our last meeting to show we're not that scary lol. We had a nice relaxing time and you're more than welcome to bring a friend/relative to take the stress out of meeting new people. Just let me know if you plan to come so we can keep track of numbers please. Have a wonderful day. x

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Fabulous picture - it's lovely to meet you all albeit "virtually". Thank you to Avtar who has been kind enough to organise everything. I may try to join at a future date but I'm not very mobile and "the disease" is taking it's toll on me. Keep as well as you can everyone.

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Thank you for those kind words Betsie. It was nothing really, just a bit a process to set up but once it's done, it's normally self running. Meetings are a good place to hear stories and meet new folks with similar conditions. Have a lovely day x

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