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Confirmation of meeting in Birmingham is 01/08/18 approx. 12 midday


Hi Folks, I'm not going to book the venue as I don't think it'll be that busy but think Wednesday 1st August is best. The time will be about 12.00pm midday approx.. so if you're running late or early don't worry. I'll have a A4 piece of paper with word Raynauds on it, placed at one of the tables so you'll not have to ask around. Hope that is ok with everyone. Can you please confirm you are coming or intending to come so I know how many seats to commandeer lol. Thank you again for the support and see you all soon.

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Forgot to add the address again, it is - the Railway, Savoy Buildings, Hill Street, Birmingham B5 4AN

It’s in my diary. Look forward to meeting you. Thanks

avtargill31 in reply to Jen3131

Thanks for helping to make this happen, look forward to meeting you too.

Please include me - Michelle Latham 😃

Thanks for helping to make this happen. See you there.

Thank you for arranging this meet up - looking forward to meeting you ❤️

I think it had to be done, just hope the weathers nice lol

Is this just an informal get together for people with Raynaud's?

avtargill31 in reply to FlexSW19

That's exactly right. I thought it might be a good idea to meet face to face, in relaxed surroundings. You can purchase hot or cold drinks, order food if you want. It's just a chilled out type of place so folks can meet and chat without stressing out (of which I'm guilty of lol). If you don't want to drink etc, you can still come and see how you feel without feeling stressed/anxious or worries etc. Hope that helps.

It's a brilliant idea that some of you can meet up in Birmingham, hope you have a really useful time!

I would love to meet fellow sufferers. I am in Maidenhead in Berkshire. Is anyone with CREST nearby?

Hi Folks. I haven't been on here for a while (about a month) and seems like an age ago. I have 3 folks confirmed as coming and wandering if anyone else who might have missed my post would like to join us? I don't if anyone can search or read my past posts so will copy and paste here too, just in case.

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