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Hi all - update

Index finger still bad and very painful - was admitted as an emergency from clinic appointment last Tuesday = had IV antibiotics and Ilprost to take down the swelling and soften the skin as it was rock hard could not bend the finger .... saw a plastic surgeon who said didnt have to operate as swelling is now going down and infection clearing at last .(thank god)

Was discharged yesterday with further antibiotics (Augmentin) and stronger painkillers - The finger has further resorption of the tuft phalanx and the suggestion of possible Osteomyelitis - so finger is getting shorter. Funny though as there was no break in the skin.

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Ah sending blessings to you anteater !

Least you are back at home now ! I spend most of the year on antibiotics for an ulcer somewhere or other, so i know how you feel ! Luckily Ive been antibiotic free for a few months now wehoo ! I started using pawppaw lotion on anything which seems to look as though it is going to erupt as well as any swellings due to calcium or ulcers, and so far success !

I refuse the 5 day iloprost infusion as the side effects are so bad for me ! Sounds as though the medics were looking after you though !

Have a few lovely days relaxing in your home, and keeping warm, after your busy few days ! :)


Hi, Like you I was on antibiotics nearly all last year for ulcers or swelllings - will begin to look like one soon - hahaha -

anyway I used to have Iloprost over 9 hours per day but could not tolerate it - like you the side effects were horrid.

Now I have it continuous over 5 days on 0.9 m and I know someone who can only tolerate it on 0.7 m ..... I still get the headaches though but I think it is because I suffer with migraines anyway. I will definately try and get some PAW PAW lotion. Thanks and happy days xx


I think that it is normal to have headaches when receiving Iloprost. I get paracetamol for it. But a few hours afterwards I am all right.


Thanks for your message. I am glad you are improving. I was worrying about you. The lesson of this one is: don't put up with things and leave it too late.


Thanks Zenabb, I hear what you are saying xx


Yeah antibiotics never work for me!!! Anteater I hope you feel better fast!! I hate ulcers icky!!!


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