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Incontinence due to torn spinchter muscle due to childbirth

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Has anyone had this ? I am living a nightmare I cannot wish I was always constipated so I wouldn't have accidents but I think my only other choice is a colostomy. I already have a Neuro stimulator implanted but it does me no good if my stools are too sof. I cannot live like this. I don't mind getting a colostomy if it will set me free . Just wondering if anyone besides me has this unfortunate issue.

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I have severe incontinence due to this forever giving disease. Like you my stools are so soft they just slip out. It makes life so unbearable especially when going out. I have to plan a day in advance if going out. It’s horrible. Thankfully I’m seeing a gastro dr this week to try and get help cos I need it. But you are not alone their are loads of us going through the same problem so don’t feel alone. I wish I could give you advice on how to remedy or help your situation but I’m sure other members will come forward with answers if not plenty of support

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Thank you for your responding. Yes I do feel alone and quite embaresed. My daughter is getting married in August and I'm terrified upon what this day between pictures etc and not eating is going to do to me. I have seen a colorectal surgeon and this past February he implanted a pacemaker in my back which controls the colon to stimulate nerves as to when I relieve myself. But my story is two fold. Sphincter muscle torn beyond compare. Bye and thanks.

Hi, I had the same diagnosis and symptoms but am almost completely back in control following a longish period of trialing a sacral nerve stimulator alongside using imodium to induce constipation. I can now hang on for several minutes and have only very minor accidents. My gastro consultant referred me to urology for the stimulator. Good luck with getting good care. Katieanna x

Thank you very much for your response I appreciate

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