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Hi everybody, well finished the Iloprost! although they have been long days,it will be worth it. I am tired but at least it was only 3 days this time not 5!! Fingers crossed, well as crossed as I can get them haha, that it has helped. If anyone else has been offered this, I would reccomend (excuse spelling!) it. The unit I was on treated me so well, lunch everyday and copius amounts of drinks, cant be bad. So onwards and upwards, heres to the warmer days everyone, Leaving now, take care of yourselves. Smile and wave folks, smile and wave xxx

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Hope you feel the results soon - I'm still struggling - only slightly better after my iloprost about 4/5 weeks ago (think it was that long)

Well done Fairy56. So glad to hear that the treatment went well. You've encouraged me to maybe accept the offer of this treatment. When they asked me a few months back I was scared and told them I'd think about it in the future. (I'm good at putting things off). Anyway - I'm pleased to hear that you feel ready to get going again and feeling positive.

I wasn't sure at first after receiving 5 days of infusions (due to the medication needing some time to show their full effect), but am now convinced that this is the way to go! Iloprost has definitely reminded me what it feels like to have (almost) normal hands again! :)

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