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Alcohol and Raynauds

Hi, I've been suffering from secondary raynauds for about 13 yrs, I've changed my lifestyle habits drastically a number of times since then as I've had some experience with substance abuse. (We all have our ways of coping) So I guess I am asking if anyone wants to share their experiences with alcohol and raynauds specifically. I would be very interested to hear any input

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Hi, I was told to steer clear of alcohol as I got depressed when I found out I was diagnosed with secondary Raynaud's. My partner and I aren't big drinkers anyway so to cut down would be coming to a big stop. We have one bottle of wine between us on a weekend if we feel like it, or a couple of beers if we go out for a meal. I do think excessive drink can get you thinking sad thoughts. But I feel a little of what you fancy does you good.

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