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I have limited systemic sclerosis (and some other overlap conditions). I’m taking methotrexate weekly along with the other usual drugs form digestion and raynauds. I have been off work for a few months but I really want to return part time to teaching I have always been an early years teacher and I love it. I ask the consultant if I could and she said some people get on fine others pick up everything going. I wondered if any of you have had personal experience of working with primary age (under8) children.

Thank you

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  • Hi Sami, I was similar to you, ie a few months off work sick under a doctors note. I went back and because I worked for a national company, they tried to drive me into the ground. As a result, my Raynaud's got worse and was I was booked in for an emergency infusion of prostacyclin. In turn, my employer got rid of me under capability, saying that the infusion isn't going to work so off you go. I've now given up and lost all hope. Sorry for the downer. :-(

  • No thank you for the reply. It’s good it hear of people’s experiences. I’m so sorry that you haven’t had a good one. It’s so hard for people to understand how we feel. We aren’t off work because we are lazy or have cold hands and feet. So annoying wish there was more support to help people like us to be able to work.

    Sam x

  • My boss or should I say ex boss said that because the first infusion never worked the 2nd one won't either. I told him that the first did work as it was back in November. I said if you take a paracetamol for a headache, that surely doesn't mean you'll never get anther headache again, he shrugged and fired me. Just feeling defeated at the moment. x

  • Don’t blame you. Sounds like your better off away from him. Hopefully we can find something soon


  • Hi

    I am a primary School teacher ( Year 3/4), although not taking methotrexate, but I am on a clinical trial through the Royal Free. I have continued to work all the way through despite having some really bad days - its often what's given me a reason to move! My colleagues have been amazingly understanding and helpful when I can't get down to reach things. Tying and untying laces and ties is a particular problem with my rubbish hands! I am just learning to find other ways to do things . . . . and I might be slow but I'll get there . . . I am not going to let this stop me doing what I love! Early Years might be a bit more of a challenge I do appreciate, however I'm sure with supportive colleagues, there is no reason you should not continue. Go for it! Good luck xx

  • Thank you 😘

  • I work as a business manager in a school and yes I do often pick up colds etc which always go to chest infections but I had an occupational health review with the local authority who increased my sickness trigger levels and put in reasonable adjustments, as we are covered under the disability act. It sounds like you were treated appallingly avtargill31. You could take them to a tribunal. Unions are usually very helpful in these matters too so don't let it put you off working Sam. Employment law is on your side and employers have a duty to make reasonable adjustments to accommodate staff with disabilities.

  • Thank you so much I’d never really looked at it that way before. I’ve always worked I want to work. It’s what people do ! I’ve never really thought about my rights and adjustments that should be made. I’ve been for an interview and I was very upfront about the condition so hopefully if I do get it they’ll be understanding 🤞.

    Thanks again

    Sam x

  • Hi, I work with children as a substitute teacher, mostly special education and younger elementary age children. Being a substitute allows me the freedom of choosing how many days I want to work each week. Then I can rest when I need to. Get your rest. It is so important. Take quality vitamins and go on a gluten free, organic diet. God bless you.

  • Thank you for the reply. Which vitamins do you currently take ? I used to work 40 plus hours and I’m not going to work more than 20 hours. Just don’t have the energy !

    Sam x

  • I take Shaklee vitamins. I have been taking them for almost 40 years. They are the best supplements. They have made me stronger. Are you in the U.S.? If you would like the email address of my Shaklee business leader, please let me know. Take care.

  • I was a first grade teacher for 18 years and had raynauds and crest when I began teaching. I am 59 years old now and had to go on disability as I was hospitalized 6 times the last 2 years from pneumonia. I caught all the germs the kiddos had and I kept getting sick. Now I don't have the energy or strength to teach and I immunity not good enough to be around all those germs in the school building.

  • You poor thing. It’s really hard isn’t it when you do a job and suddenly you just can’t do it anymore? Sounds like you didn’t have any choice at all. I’m sort of hoping I do t get the job then I don’t have to worry ! If I do I’ll give it a go and consider changing my job for something completely different. It’s like you said it’s not only the immunity it’s the energy too. I really don’t have any energy anymore

    Thanks for the message

    Sam x

  • Hi Sam, it might be worth having a conversation with an Occupational Therapist who works in Rheumatology about your job. They may be able to problem solve the situation with you, and also talk to you about the rules under the Equality Act that apply to you, as well as schemes such as Access to Work that enables employers to get funding for any additional equipment and sometimes support staff to enable you to do your job. Sometimes Disability Employment Advisers can also get involved to provide additional support for you. Each individual case is different so it is definitely worth talking to someone.

    All my best

    Lucy xx

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