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Hey guys

So I have been reading this book "scleroderma the proven therapy that can save your life" by Henry scammell

Well he goes on to say this lady has treatment of minocycline and it worked for her reversing her symptoms "clawed hands swelling loosing the skin etc"

Has any one heard of this drug ?

Is it even true?

I was literally in tears reading this book I can't believe it let me know any info you guys have

If u would like the book I will post it to u don't waste your money


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Sadly its not true. See rebuttal here



Thank u for your reply how annoying!!!! Very disappointing


On the advice of my rheumy I tried it once a few years ago, it really messed with my stomach so I stopped. While on it I didn't see any difference.


Thank you for you post about minocycline.

I immediately looked it up on Web- Dr. David Tretham, who headed the study on minocycline for diffuse scleroderma from Beth Israel in Boston ,reported at a conference that there was no benefit to skin scores.

The minocycline study was only 11 patients, only six completed the study.

Also not double blind.

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